Proton Patch


Cell Phones Emit Microwave Radiation

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Did you know there is microwave radiation coming from your cell phones, cordless phones, game controllers and other wireless devices, even Baby Monitors?

  • Are we nuking our kids with cell phones and game controllers?
  • Isn’t it time to make up our own minds to protect us from EMR?
     The government isn’t!
  • Have we taken any notice of history? Or are we in denial like we were with Tobacco and sunshine?
  • Do we ignore our own body’s initial distress signals - headaches, memory loss, lack of energy, depression and lots more?
Currently over 35 years of cell phone market penetration, mobile phones have dominated communications. What price are we paying for this fun-giving, picture-taking, texting, web-searching, all-in-one information portal? Statistics are proving the price may be way too high!

Proton Patch Installed

Why Proton Patch?

Proton Patch (an EMF neutralizing disc) has been developed using a unique combination of rare earth materials.
When attached to a mobile phone, Proton Patch shields the harmful microwave radiation and heat it emits without negatively impacting the functions of the phone.
Proton Patch can also be used to shield users from EMR emitted from other electronic devices such as cordless phones, bluetooth, laptops and PCs, gaming controllers, and microwaves.
Proton Patch does not in any way interfere with your mobile phone reception.

EMR, doesn’t or does it cause cancer?

Who knew in recent memory that exposing yourself to sugar, sun-rays and smoking could cause cancer. The cause and effects were long bantered around the professional health industry while many suffered severe ailments. Take for example, smoking. After millions became addicted to nicotine, the surgeon general had to go public with evidence that tobacco can cause lung cancer. An aggressive campaign soon alerted society to its long term effects and damage.

Protect with Proton Patch

Proton Patch is on a quest to help shield the population from the potential dangers of EMR waves, from kids to seniors. Proton Patch- offers proprietary technology that helps one ionize your personal environment (both internal and external) in ways that revitalizes your body and your life. Proton Patches are used to deliver ion-infused enerceuticals to you via the attached patch on your electronic devices and particularly your cell phone. By being in contact with your patches often throughout the day you are energizing your body to a level that will help you in many ways as seen on our web site.
How important is your family, educate yourself, check out our new ‘A Subtle Addiction – Attacking the Y Generation’. Go to for all you need to know about this major concern for everyone using a Cell phone and ALL wireless devices!